6 Super Easy Steps to Keeping Your Home Tidy and Tension Free


Maintaining a clean, calming home doesn’t have to involve tons of harmful cleaners and hours of stressful scrubbing. You can use simple, natural methods to make your home a haven after the stress of your daily routine. All it takes to keep things tidy is a little time and some humble habits. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your space and help stress subside.


Clean and Organize Closets


If you find yourself staring into a chaotic closet throughout each day, you may be causing some unnecessary strain. Bring positive energy back into your life and your storage areas by spending a day clearing them out. Go through your belongings and separate what you use from what you can get rid of. Sustainably purge any items that are severely stained or damaged, or recycle them into dust rags. Usable goods will be welcome at area shelters and charities, so bag those up for donations. As you replace what you will keep, take care to neatly fold, hang and even color-code your wardrobe or linens.


Choose Safe, Natural Products


One way to make tidying up easier is to stock up on some non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Ditch paper products and wasteful single-use plastic tools in favor of organic cotton towels, cloths and utensils. Make the switch to paraben-free cleaners or find some simple recipes to make up your own natural, gentle solutions. Ridding your home of common cleaners and plastics can drastically reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, which can cause severe health issues with prolonged contact.


Declutter to Decompress


Clutter can do much more than clog up your house. Research suggests that excessive amounts of “stuff” can lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Clutter can also be a culprit behind poor spending habits, emotional eating and issues with allergies and breathing. The good news is that getting rid of clutter can be easier that you think. Use baskets and bins to organize your belongings instead of leaving them scattered around your house. Find ways to recycle or repurpose items you don’t use to make space for calm and serenity.


Create Calm in the Bedroom


Your bedroom should be a haven for rest, so try not to neglect this all-important room in your home. Avoid leaving clothing scattered on the floor and opt for eco-friendly hampers to wrangle your dirty laundry instead. Invest in comfy, organic cotton sheets, blankets and pillows to help you unwind after stressful days, and be sure to keep your lighting lowkey. Clean windows are a great way to let in natural light and set your body’s circadian rhythm, and warm lamps can provide just the right amount of light at night.


Keep Floors Clean


Being able to go barefoot is a great way to relax in your home, so be sure to keep your floors clean and comfy. A little bit of attention every week is easier than trying to tackle a mess that has been building for weeks. Tidy up floors at the beginning or end of each day to keep dust and dirt at bay. Need to get rid of odors or do a deeper cleaning? Baking soda is a wonderful deodorizer for carpets, while simple white vinegar can help keep floors sparkling.


Keep Stress Out of Your Home


Stress can create negative energy in your home and prevent true relaxation. Develop routines to leave stress at the door, or at least lessen it when you’re at home. Get in a good workout before you get home or find simple ways to work out around your house. Find a cozy nook in one of your rooms and make it into a meditation space. Scent can have a powerful and positive impact on stress as well, and essential oils are a natural, effective way to calm your mind. Checking stress is a simple way to stay healthy and happy at home and in life.


Finding organic ways to organize and clean your home can be easy. With these helpful hints, you can clear the clutter, dirt and disorder out of your home and out of your life.


BY: Alice Robertson from Tidy home